class freetype.BBox(bbox)

FT_BBox wrapper.

A structure used to hold an outline’s bounding box, i.e., the coordinates of its extrema in the horizontal and vertical directions.


The bounding box is specified with the coordinates of the lower left and the upper right corner. In PostScript, those values are often called (llx,lly) and (urx,ury), respectively.

If ‘yMin’ is negative, this value gives the glyph’s descender. Otherwise, the glyph doesn’t descend below the baseline. Similarly, if ‘ymax’ is positive, this value gives the glyph’s ascender.

‘xMin’ gives the horizontal distance from the glyph’s origin to the left edge of the glyph’s bounding box. If ‘xMin’ is negative, the glyph extends to the left of the origin.


The horizontal maximum (right-most).


The horizontal minimum (left-most).


The vertical maximum (top-most).


The vertical minimum (bottom-most).